We are Rescatando Vidas Foundation

We dedicate to suicide prevention
and auto-destructive behavior in Costa Rica

We offer workshops and conferences about suicide prevention

For parents, teachers,
companies and communities


We offer constant training to parents about current topics, so they receive essential tools in case their kids suffer bullying, anxiety, depression, or other issues.


We have workshops at schools for teachers to work with their students over the course of the emotionally complicated teen age.

Business coaching

We provide coaching for emotions and temper management in work teams. We also provide and program: "Mindful finances". Coaching for emotion and temper management in work teams. Finances with purpose.

Our vision

Welcome to our Foundation

This foundation arose on 1999.

We aim to develop a prevention culture suicide and auto destructive behavior. We achieve this raising awareness about the risk factors and emphasizing the protective ones.

We do this, in order to diminish the level of hopelessness and frustration among the population in risk.

Our objectives are:

Work around the "Triangle of Life", which is made up of:
1. Parents
2. Kids, teenagers, young adults
3. Schools and teachers

  • To train / inform

  • Coordinate

  • Prevent

  • Attend / Detect

  • Develop abilities

  • Emphasize protective factors

  • To create support groups

The inner child

«When the knots of the past are untied, the person finally releases his future »

– Bert Hellinger

Workshops that we offer

School for parents
Teachers with purpose
Urban Yell

1. Prevention of risk behavior in offsprings: Informative conferences about attention and protective
factors for behavioral threats to the physical,
mental, emotional or spiritual integrity of children, teenagers and young adults.
2. Year membership: teaching material for parents to provide them with
the necessary tools to guide in the best way their offsprings.
We handle topics such as bullying, cyberbullying, grooming, depression, anxiety in teenagers,
emotion management in parents and minors, etc.
All of this helps us find the signals to prevent suicide.

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1. Students in risk workshops for education practitioners (10 effective hours)
2. Training kids for life: workshops for parents (2 effective hours)
3. Informed guardians: seminars for young adults and community leaders (16 effective hours)
4. Educating my emotions

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1. Self emotional leadership
2. Recognizing fellows at risk:
Raise awareness about the concept of "suicide"
and methods to detect and evaluate threat in close people,
including the establishment of parameters to prevent a suicide attempt.
3. Arrow program (business coaching):Exclusive program of the Foundation.
Emotional skills are taught according to temperament.
We provide with the necessary knowledge in order to enhance the qualities
of the employees according to their temperament, thus increasing and improving the working environment.
4. Mindful finances

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Training of young facilitaros in educational centers 
to distinguish and identify risk factors in their own student population, 
and motivate vulnerable people or classmates through 
enhancing their life purpose and self-recognition techniques and vulnerabilities control.

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Extends across the country...and more

We have had the opportunity to impart lectures and workshops in different places:

  • Liberia, Santa Cruz and Nicoya

  • The center of Heredia

  • San José

  • Alajuela, Palmares, San Ramón, Grecia, San Carlos, Upala, Los Chiles

  • Limón, Guápiles, Siquirres

  • Puntarenas, Puerto Jiménez, Neyli City

  • Cartago, Turrialba, Juan Viñas

  • Venezuela

  • Colombia

  • Uruguay

  • México

  • Argentina

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