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Hi, I'm Julia Woodbridge, and I'm a survivor

“I am a survivor of my 14-year-old son. I couldn't see the red flags that he expressed in different ways. It is an indescribable pain, which I cannot explain. The impact of an experience like this reaches an extreme of pain for parents, siblings, children, friends of those who extinguished their lives in this way. After my son's suicide I believed that I could not go on, or that I would never enjoy life again. Understanding the complicated legacy of suicide and how coping with palpable suffering can help you heal, while still honoring the memory of your loved one. Many of these tragedies like mine, is what has led us to be sensitive and even study and prepare to help families, teachers and young people to recognize warning signs and protective factors, to prevent others from reaching that state of hopelessness. .”

Our mission

Facilitate and provide alternatives in the fields of prevention, intervention, and awareness of violence in families, communities, and educational centers, providing access to information, resources, opportunities, and experiences, so that they contribute to reducing the hopelessness and frustration that lead to the most devastating expression of violence: SUICIDE.

Our vision

That families, teachers, leaders and communities establish a preventive culture of self-destructive behaviors (including suicide), raising awareness of risk factors and emphasizing protective factors.

Our values

  • Commitment

  • Authenticity

  • Responsibility

  • Cooperation

  • Honesty

  • Service

  • Integrity

  • Loyalty

We are here to help you

Ya sea que estés atravesando situaciones difíciles que te hacen pensar que no hay otra salida, o si tenés algún familiar o amigo/a que está en esta encrucijada, queremos decirte que no estás solo/a.

As people who have experienced this firsthand, we want to share valuable information because suicide is preventable.










“Ignoring or acknowledging the warning signs and wanting to do something about it,
can make the difference between life and death."

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